No, really.. Just let me.

Conflict in the work place isn’t funny. Believe me, I’ve had my share of yelling, name calling, long discussions about why I can’t do something unethical; all of it. I’m not saying I’ve never had a day where I’d like to just hide under the next iceberg rather than try and be the “bigger woman” and force restoration. I have. But I- as anyone with any abnormal limitation- also get the humorous side of conflict.

20130511-155701.jpg Let me be clear, the woman I’m working for now is a Godly, loving woman that I respect to the moon and back. She had no clue what was going on in my sarcastic mind as she weighed the pros and cons of putting me on a project. She also would be ever blessed by the grace of God to know that she’s not dealing with the spit-fire female of three years ago. She handled everything with a grace and mercy that I haven’t seen in an employer in some time.

Putting me in charge of something as menial as putting labels on DVD’s or even folding brochures seems like a very -very – bad idea. To someone that’s used to using two hands, properly putting labels on a DVD with one hand while not sacrificing professionalism seems impossible. It is.. If you don’t know how to enjoy the fact that it takes you twice as long as “the other guy.”

Folding brochures is a bit funnier. You know that phrase, “The dog ate my homework”? Yeah. You don’t have that option in an office. But you don’t need to have a dog.. You just need to give paper to my right hand and *presto!* it looks a bit like a survivor of war. So, when I was asked to fold a stack of new brochures, I did it one handed. I decided the audience these brochures were targeting deserved to be able to read the thing.

My right hand stayed tightly squished between my legs. Occasionally, it popped itself on the desk like a little 3 year old observing something they were told they could “watch but not touch.” It got to “help” once in a while by being a very expensive undercover paper weight. All the while trying to imitate what my left hand was doing. If my right hand got diagnosed with a personality disorder, it’d probably be somethin’ like arthritic ADHD. (I’m not a doctor.. Can you tell?)

My hand is not the greatest paperweight in the world. Anyone that still uses those things, be thankful you didn’t spend your money on this cute li’l hand. It bounced so much, I refolded almost every brochure twice. Straight lines are boring when you have cerebral palsy. Technically that’s because, well, you’re never capable of keeping an object still long enough to see a straight line. Let alone any line at all. But the things got folded. Hallelujah.

Being in the workforce is a challenge for anyone. But when you’re faced with, “can you?” in areas normal people mastered in preschool, you learn to laugh.. Or not survive at all. I giggled every time I had to refold a brochure because my li’l paperweight decided to come to life. I groaned in frustration when the DVD stickers didnt “de-stickify” just because it met a part of my body; not one of the disks.

But then I just laughed anyway because truly… What did I expect? My stubbornness got me trusted with something that could’ve easily been passed on to someone else. Now, my stubbornness better get me through it to no cost for the Company. I chuckled at my tight muscles and quaking leg on the way home.

Really, I can do it. Just mix 1 part stubborn with 3 parts laughter and life goes on.


3 thoughts on “No, really.. Just let me.

  1. You have to admit it is really the cutest paperweight though!!

  2. Love it Cass!! I like that you didn’t give up and let someone else do it, our Father will help you to persevere>He has helped you in millions of ways and He’s not gonna quit now!!

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