The Fortress of my Humor

Isaiah 33:6 And He will be the stability of your times, A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; The fear of the Lord is his treasure.

I would be doing something so very wrong if I didn’t take time to attribute anything you see here to it’s true Author. My belief in Christ is so much deeper than the “thing I do on Sundays.” To be quite honest with you, aside from this site, my disabilities fade into the background. I have however learned that I have these disabilities, and even my humor, only to serve God.

I often times tell people not to pray for healing when they learn my story. (Believe me, that was not the case as a child). I’ve seen God more at work because my body isn’t normal, than I ever could if it was. I often get the giggles as I imagine the conversations God must have as He watches me take my own twist on life while instilling humor to anyone that gets to watch.

Truthfully, the only reason my laughter can be so incredibly genuine when my body decides to do it’s own thing is because the fear of my Lord Jesus Christ is my treasure. He is the only Fortress I trust completely.


So when the seizures take liberty in my body and I realize I’ve just dug another hole in my hand, I have true peace. I can honestly laugh with my parents as one if them pipes up with, “Were you trying to get to China?” (With that comment, you can see why I never got the gene for geography comprehension).

I giggle at the sideways glances and strive to chuckle at the, “so, um, are you normal?” questions because my eternal wealth is knowing Jesus is my stability. There’s so much you learn -without thousands of dollars in psychology classes- about people when you’re at the end of their blunt observations. Like #1: Most people that are fearful because they’ve never seen Cerebral Palsy or Epilepsy do NOT appreciate it when you stretch your hand out and spookily mutter, “Look! It’s growing!” as you start shaking (on purpose).

#2 lesson about life that you learn is that hurt people, hurt people. And hurt people are incredibly fun to “target” as you make jokes… Because you feel like you’ve just diffused a bomb- not just increased your potential towards being inducted into the hall of fame for Class Clowns.

My life has had incredible ups and downs. Two main disabilities, three brain surgeries, and a pacemaker-like device for my brain were just the small hiccups. The break of my humor was when I deserted God to pursue what I believed He’d “kept from me.” Jesus is the author of humor. You take Him completely out of the equation, and you have sadistic sarcasm that wounds, not heals.

God is my Fortress, and He is my treasure.


And all of Heaven knows, He’s still working on becoming a filter system (that I use) for my humor. šŸ˜‰


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