Silent Crosses

This is, most assuredly, that “one post” that will get me shot. The crux of the matter is, pro-life advocates may hate me just as much as the pro-choice ones do. I struggle to even post this on a website entitled “Laugh Anyway”… There’s nothing to laugh at. This is terrifying.

However, I promise you I will not be that pro-life advocate that clucks her tongue and thumps her bible. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. Abortion has been said to be the merciful action for cerebral palsy victims. I am not in the least an advocate for abortion.

I have, at the same token, reasons to understand why the lie, “abortion is good if it saves those already living,” can be completely believable. It’s not truth, but fear becomes exceedingly blinding– even when a little one’s life is at stake.


The above picture is about a third of a field filled with these crosses. When you’re counting them, they blend so intensely together and I’m not sure I have the numbers correct. Every cross represents four abortions. The count I reached was 45 deep, 15 wide. That’s 2,700 abortions since 1987.

In a moment of… Something.. The poem below was given to me as I stood and pondered the depth of what this sight means. What it means for the women that made this choice, what it means for the heart of God, and what it means for the responsibility of the Church to love anyway.

Regardless of where you stand on this issue, you are incredibly loved… Entirely loved.

Silent Crosses

I pondered once a field of crosses
I pondered often the devastating losses
I pondered the Father’s broken heart
I pondered the lives taken before they could start

I ponder the sweet mothers too terrified to act
What of the lies, what did they think they lacked?
How many times did they almost fall in love
Yet couldn’t see a child as a gift from above?

I walk silently by the crosses and quietly pray
“Deception comes with a cost none want to pay
Lord, forgive those that acted completely out of fear
Forgive us for believing you were not near.”

As you walk past the women that made this choice
Please, take the judgement from your voice
Some understood, some truly did not
Now, help them heal, the battle’s already been fought

As you mourn the lives these crosses represent
Realize the tears, the anguish has already been spent
God did not send you to judge in His place
He sent you to show the Broken His face

2 thoughts on “Silent Crosses

  1. Pro-life: People who’ve never had to spend 4 hours a day on public transit with children screaming around like it’s a danged hornet’s nest.

    I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I’m kidding, please put the guns down….

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