Rebuild a burnt bridge

Recently, I had the chance to chat with a dear man who has known my family for decades. I barely know him, and yet God allowed us to lean on each other and share our experiences, our joys and heartaches with each other. We laughed till we cried, we cried till we laughed and there was unity between us which could only be explained by the power of Christ in both of us. It was a good thing. Although it was unique, it was not the first time I’d shared my hurtful past with another Christian and found understanding. The look on my friend’s face told me that although I wasn’t the first friend he’d trusted, he was still mildly shocked that he could.

My heart overflows with gratitude for the blessing I found in his friendship. At one point he said something that broke my heart for the Church. He looked at me and simply said, “See, you don’t have to understand where I’m coming from, but at least you accept the fact that I’m trying to work through this journey.” Well… Duh. If I had the audacity to chide him for hurting, or scoff at him for struggling with anger towards God, I’d be the biggest hypocrite of them all.

Why is it that we kick our loved ones when they’re down? Why do we often times feel as if we have to lord our righteousness over a fellow Christian and then walk away with the drippingly poisonous words, “I’m praying for you”? Often times, it’s overly obvious that we aren’t praying for them– we’re just thankful we don’t appear to be as spiritually low as they appear to be. (Which ironically, puts us spiritually lower than them by default. ) Why is it more uncommon for people to tell their story and walk away feeling as if we have helped them achieve healing? Why are we more scared of family than we are of foes?

So, I’ve officially stepped on my own toes this morning.


‘Mercy for me! Justice for them!’ we cry
Quietly the condemned stand to die
We whisper, ‘our lives will never be as bad as theirs
They’ll be blotted out. Praise God! Who cares?

We giggle with Glee as the stones start to soar
We laugh as we see the blood and the gore
Our lives will never be as bad as theirs
They’ll be blotted out. Praise God! Who cares?

Lest you think we believe we’re all right
Remember, they sinned during the day, we at night
So therefore, their sin was playing the fool
Slyness and tact are a sinner’s perfect tool

Atleast we only threw one or two stones
The heart still beats, we left broken bones
tough love is our motto, please, don’t you see
As long as you keep judgement away from me

When God calls us out, He leaves nothing behind
No one can say, ‘He cannot hear, and yes, He is blind’
What stones you throw will always be thrown back
On Judgement Day, Christ shows the perfection you lack


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