At the Feet of My Elders

Yesterday, I sat in the office of someone I always saw as a theological legend. Though not much was said about him in my household while growing up, what was said made me love, honor and respect the man before me long before I knew him.

Upon our first true meeting several months ago, with tears in his eyes he shook my hand and whispered… “It’s you. Gary and Kris’ daughter. The child I prayed for. You’re here.”
I knew what many of you may not. He didn’t reverently whisper those words because of my presence. Tears sprang to his eyes out of reverence that God had heard his prayers. I was alive. The man wasn’t shocked… He just knew the tenderness of God involved in bringing me back to Indiana in the first place. We rejoiced in that.

My respect for him has grown in the past year as I’ve watched him lead in silence and speak with authority. God has seen fit to protected him from the all-encompassing pride that often comes with doctorates; let alone doctorates in theology. Seeing his wisdom first hand spurred me on to ask a question I never thought I’d voice to anyone.

If the gift of prophecy in the modern-age means forth-telling rather than foretelling, where does prophecy get spurred into action in a Church that gradually wants more comfort than truth? Even worse, for the women seemingly gifted with prophecy, how do they stand up & speak when men tell them to sit down and listen?

His answer shocked me, as I knew it would. With a glimmer in his eye he said, “Dear one, you made this issue gender-specific. It is not, nor should it ever be. For those given a prophetic voice in the Church it isn’t about gender. It’s about fearing God enough to speak Truth despite hatred of the brethren and being humble enough to stay teachable.”

Though this teacher spoke truth in regards to one subject, I realized his wisdom superseded any gift of the Body.

Without the fear of God and the humility to stay teachable, the Church as a Body will collapse.


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