Obedient God

“I will never say that God gave me any ailment to get ahold of my attention.”

I heard that last night and I cringed and sucked back tears. I knew crying at that point would both freak out my friend next to me and make the speaker in front of me believe I needed “prayed over.” My tears were not from a desire for healing. They were from heartbreak that this person truly didn’t know what he was missing.

Jacob, Miriam, Job (yep- I’m using that one), the blind man in the gospel of John, Paul… All of them and many, many, many more were given ailments in order to make them look for God. If God can do it for those biblical characters, why not for me?

I’ve been told the lies before:

“If you’re disabled, you don’t have faith.”

“You can’t have an abundant life if you’re physically ailed…”

Those lies and others break my heart. Not because I believe them, but because someone else does. (Believe me- I had my struggles of not believing them!)

I leaned over to my friend and told him, “Don’t you dare mention my epilepsy tonight.” After that, I really did cry.

Epilepsy – aside from my salvation – is one of my God-given greatest tools to point people to The Lord. Without the seizures, I wouldn’t have had the time, desire or insight to seek God the way some would say I’ve been forced to. It’s an unimaginable gift I’ll never give away. Because of my ailment, I had to slow down and search for God. What needs healed? Nothing.

I believe in healing. I believe God still uses the gift of healing within the body of Christ. However, I think we Christians have unknowingly forced our definition of healing onto God’s holiness.

More times than not, in our minds, healing means:

No pain.
No disease.
No doctor bills.
No broken bones.
No need to slow down.

I don’t have a catchy definition of God’s healing. But our bodies are called temporary vessels, our spirits are the “thing” of ours that God truly focuses on in order to glorify Himself. If physical healing comes- it’s to minister either to our own spiritual outlook.. Or someone else’s.

Healing? If you ever feel called to pray for physical healing for anyone.. Ask God whether you desire it for the convenience of it, or to show God’s glory to a struggling and dying world. Even when you can’t come to a conclusive answer- be ready to hear God declare healing that you never thought of…

Don’t require God to obey you before you call Him good.


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