Undesired Evidence

“What evidence will you accept?”

… For the last year, I haven’t had to use this question much. I volunteer outside of my sheltered College atmosphere; but most of my time is spent with like-minded Christ-followers. If (When) there are disagreements on things we believe, it becomes a good-natured, “My concordance is bigger than your concordance” Battle. We find fulfillment in heated discussions, but in the end, both sides of the argument know that loving each other and seeking Truth are the top priorities.

No matter what, though, we use Scripture. We trust Scripture over opinion because we believe the God-inspired Bible cannot be legitimately contested no matter how much both sides may cling to it differently. We trust that resource because no one in our ‘circle’ has seen the Bible not carry Its weight or proven itself to be an ultimate truth and reality.

Then.. Then I start my journey home for the summer. No longer am I completely couched by people that view God possibly as a different type of Master but still the same Jehovah. No longer am I encompassed with people that pour over Greek Scriptures just to understand the question of, “What does God require of us?” No longer do precious prayer meetings with large groups spontaneously happen because one person needed encouragement.

All the sudden, I’m faced with needing to ask the question, “What evidence will you accept?” With the question presented of, “Why does Jesus allow violence?” I pull out my Bible… And am immediately told, “Show me without the Scriptures. Using your Holy Book is ‘effin” cheating.”

What? …. How do I even begin? What do you want me to say, then? Do you just want to hear me tell you that any version of Jesus is acceptable as long as you’re comfortable? You asked for proof, Dear One.

What proof will you accept?

Immediately, I feel myself go into my “must defend Jesus” mode. I feel my heart race as I sit down and figure out how to “undo” Jesus just enough so my acquaintance will listen and believe… Without Scripture.

And then I hear Truth that I don’t want to acknowledge but I know I need to hear.

God doesn’t need my help revealing Himself to anyone. He’s God, He’s got this.

Even further is the reality one or more loved ones denying Him does not make Him less God.

I don’t need to defend God in order to preserve His holiness.

When the World doesn’t accept ultimate Truth, or even convicting Proof, that doesn’t make it any less applicable.

God doesn’t need my help being God.


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