Freedom Keeper

This morning I put on a bracelet that has the words Set Free etched on it. I’ve had the bracelet for a year, but I saw it differently this morning. Since returning to Alaska for the summer, I’ve been blessed with a truck load of memories- both good and bad. Today, as I fingered that bracelet, I remembered the days when its message was a lie. I remember the days I wore a different bracelet.

Four and a half years ago, I was in Bondage to a man in my life. I can say that now but at the time, I didn’t dare admit it. He made himself a chain bracelet that I found intriguing. He made me one and gave it to me with the words, “You’re mine.” I romanticized his declaration because I wanted to believe it was okay. Back then, I never made the correlation to the man’s “gift” and his attitude towards me. I wanted to believe that I belonged… But I didn’t.

What was at first a silly game with a metaphorical fire soon became a living death sentence. Remembering my Savior-given Spirit freedom was just that- a distant memory. As the weeks went by, I often toyed with the chain bracelet and attempted to convince myself I was loved. It worked. It didn’t work very long.

When God pulled me out of that relational prison, I kept the bracelet. The bracelet could only come off if I pulled with all my might and broke the chains, but I couldn’t. Breaking those chains meant that I could no longer live in the past. Breaking those chains meant I had to agree with God that moving on from my wounds was painfully beautiful.

It took me right around three months to pull the bracelet off my wrist. I cried tears of sorrow because of the emotional scars that now had to heal. I cried tears of victorious, God-given relief because I was visibly telling God I didn’t want bondage anymore. The chains around my wrist were gone, now it was His turn to release the chains around my heart.

That was four and a half years ago. Today I put on the bracelet that declared my freedom. The bracelet is secured by a slipknot, which makes my heart sing, but also firmly warns me of truth.

I may be free, but the second I want to take my freedom off, I can. The question is, can I trust God enough to let Him be the keeper of my freedom.


One thought on “Freedom Keeper

  1. Thanks so much for your blog and taking the time to write it! Every time I read your blog and catch up I am encouraged not only by the words you say but the way you are allowing God to teach you. Thanks!

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