The God-like Idol

Don’t worship the journey, worship the Journey-Maker.

As a Christian, I’ve found myself, many times, making an idol out of the presumed journey God sets before me.

At one time, the journey I worshipped was the idea of making it to 18. I worshipped the idea of a God who would be benevolent enough to get me there. To be honest, I worshipped the idea of being strong enough to get to 18 more than I worshipped the God who gave my humanly uncertain life a purpose worthy of living.

Now that health can be either ignored or forgotten, I find myself worshipping the idea that God is making me into something. I’m at College. I work in communications. I love Jesus. In three years, I’ll be somebody because I’ll hold a piece of paper in my hands telling others I have worth. It’s been a journey. It’ll continue to be a journey.

While spending talking it out with God the other day, I heard him ask, “If I change your journey, If all you have left is the assurance that I am with you… will you still believe I’m shaping you?”

Out of complete confusion, I gave him all the Christian answers–
* God I believe in your sovereignty
* God I know you love me
* God I surrender all… or at least I want to surrender all
Meanwhile, I was silently muttering What in the world do you want from me?!

I could almost hear God chuckle as He asked, “What is more important? Becoming more like Me or having a journey you can find identity in?”

Only then did I understand God’s question. Do I believe my journey is my identity?

Am I willing to acknowledge my pursuits in a college education, journalism and ministry as Godly things while not making them into my God-like idol?


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