Christmas Defined

According to the “Christmas-aholics” I’m a midget sized Grinch with a really boring heart. I am not your typical “Crazy About Christmas” young adult. I don’t lay awake daydreaming about what I’ll get who or what lights I can buy to make my apartment pop out from the normalcy on my street.

I love Christmas, but I couldn’t care less what day the rest of the world celebrates it on.

I love going “all out” to give the kiddos in my life the gift of anticipation and the joy of mystery. But still… there’s a part of me that cringes living in the Midwest and watching how “Christmas” gets celebrated.

Christmas is the day celebrating Christ, God’s Son and His arrival on this earth as one of us. He came to save us from our selves. God – the Supreme of all gods and the Ultimate King Eternal became one of us. Hallelujah! Christmas!!

As Christians, do we have a right to celebrate Christmas as if it is merely a 48 hour joyride and then act as if Christ is an optional “thing” 363 days of the year? Do we actually treasure Christ as much as we make it appear we do when the time of year comes around where we sing songs most of us don’t have to ponder because we’ve known them since we were conceived?

It may sound cheesy but may this year’s Christmas be an attitude; not an event. May you see Christ and His gift of provision in the roof over your heads, the smile on your lips and the joy in your laugh. Only then will Christmas start making sense.

If Christmas is merely the “hype” of the “Baby Boy”, we have completely misrepresented Christ in the first place. Christ came to this earth concealed and lowly and yet His presence – the presence of God with Us – is not something to only strike up joy and excitement for a few days a year.

When the lights come down, the presents get exchanged and the wrapping paper gets put away… I pray your Christmas doesn’t disappear.

Christ is still here.


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