Reasons to Smile

To the individuals that taught me I couldn’t do it all: Thank you.

To the loved ones that taught me I couldn’t say it all: Thank you.

To the man God used to teach me how to look for God before I looked for love: I pray this next year teaches you what I could not. Where ever you are, may God break you as gently as He did me, simply to restore you more fully than you may ever think possible.

To the people I’ve had to love at a distance: May someone do what I could not and hold you closely and love you actively until you see Christ.

To the loved ones who taught me how to laugh through the worst: Thanks for teaching me to see Christ even when I can’t see a silver lining.

To the friends that taught me I could be loved despite my differences: Thanks for the memories.

To the man who pursued me because Christ called you to do the (seemingly) impossible: May you never experience this adventure without the Lord driving you forward. Thanks for being so preciously stubborn and teaching me how to look for Christ.

To my Master, King and Savior: 12 months has never been more painfully beautiful. Thank you for loving me when I couldn’t love myself and rescuing me even when I didn’t think rescuing was needed. Thank you for reminding me that the person I was last year was not forgotten nor was I unchangeable. Thank You for using the beautiful, the difficult, the unexpected and the precious to give me even more of Yourself.

You, my King, are the ultimate Reason I can continue to love and laugh anyway.


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