I Don’t Want Prince Charming

We live in a very fake culture. Anything we don’t like about reality, we cover it up or throw it away. Then we wonder why our marriages have stopped working and why our women are throwing themselves at empty promises in hopes that their dreams will come true.

I can’t believe I have to say this, but…

I hereby promise and commit to my Savior that I will not look for Prince Charming or change myself into what my culture says he’ll want.

Here’s the deal: That does not make me anti-man. I absolutely love it when the man of my heart spends time with me, takes care of me, steps up and leads to the best of his ability.

I’m all about love. Actual love.

In our Hollywood/ Disney-made world, we say everything ends in marriage. Wait. What?! Marriage is the bond of two people where, for better or worse, they are declaring they’ll put up with, love and fight for the same person the rest of our lives, and we say the journey ends in marriage?

Honey, your commitment to love does not end when the champagne is opened and the wedding dress is taken off. Prince Charming isn’t always Charming; Cinderella doesn’t always have perfect hair…

Don’t throw away Godly, purposeful love simply because you start learning that love on this side of heaven involves humans, breakable hearts and selfish people.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past several months it’s that Godly love gets down in the trenches and learns ways to heal and cherish, even when the other person doesn’t seem lovable.

That’s love… Hollywood has nothing compared to that.

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