Price of a Glass House

Three words you barely ever hear ministry workers say: “I need you.”

Notice the period at the end of the sentence. We’re okay with telling you we need you to do something. “I need you to help in Childcare.” “I need you to make cookies for the fundraiser.” “I need you to start up a prayer meeting.”

That is okay. That isn’t personal. That’s administrative. If you fail, maybe I’ll groan and mutter, but I will survive just fine. Flexibility is the second greatest, not-so-Godly, attribute of people in ministry.

The first one is avoiding at all costs needing someone emotionally or spiritually when they are not serving in the trenches within the ministry. 

I realize I don’t know everything (I know, I know. This is shocking). But a large majority of that fear is because most of have been led to believe if they’re up front “in ministry” they have to have all their crud together. Actually, honestly, for most of ’em, “crud” is an understatement. Most days, without God’s intervention, I would love to use a much stronger 4-letter word.

 So, here’s just a very simplistic plea for all people in ministry (including pastors and their wives, in case you weren’t thinking of them). Next time you ‘meet one’, purpose in your hearts to let them be human. Purpose in your hearts to pray for them… and purpose in your hearts to understand they need you.

Ministry is a heart-consuming blessing, but it comes with its very own glass house. Instead of being shocked when you discover ministry-workers struggle and are just as human as the rest of us, give them the chance to need others within the Body of Christ just as much as you do. 


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