If I Don’t, Who Will?

It’s the little things like a man saying he’s discipling a young woman because no one else is qualified.

Or an exhausted and spiritually bruised Bible teacher not stepping aside for a time because “no one else is capable to teach.” A lot of people see those actions as noble, spiritual and admirable. I understand that, I really do. But honestly, it’s also the most prideful.

I almost gave up my livelihood yesterday. A deaf man I’ve come to care for asked me to give up everything in order to help him get back on his feet. I almost agreed to it not because I felt as if it was God’s call on my life, but because I liked the feeling and power of thinking I was indispensible.

I could almost hear my pious sigh as I mentally prayed, Dear Jesus, if I don’t, who will? I just as quickly heard God whisper, The person I have given that task to in the first place. You take this position, you take the blessing away from someone you don’t even know. This isn’t your job.

So many times, we as Christians are told to step up and take responsibility. Often we’re told not to waste our gifts. I couldn’t agree more. However, there comes a point where we become so enthralled with being so deeply  needed, we forget the bigger picture.

The fact is, God uses us because He wants to; not because He needs to. We aren’t indispensable to God’s plan. There’s just as much wisdom in knowing when to say no as there is in the courage to say yes.

Truthfully, it goes deeper than a question of pride. It’s a question of trust. 

Can I trust God to fulfill His plan without me? … Can I trust God to use someone else just as well as He’s used me?


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