Why Prayer Hurts

I told the story often…

I was fresh off the plane from Alaska and sitting in a conference room filled with Midwest women. I was struggling with how Spiritually different Indiana felt compared to Alaska and wasn’t sure what to label “right” and “messed up.” The women I was surrounded by were all Christians.. and they were all verbalizing their struggles with their respective significant other.

No one suggested praying against the Spiritual Warfare that was so very obvious to my  otherwise spiritized mindset. No one suggested praying for their husbands and putting an end to the story telling. To say I was confused that the women didn’t see the roadblock and the silent weaving of the Devil’s snare in their lives would have been an understatement.

I never thought I’d find myself in the same position only two years later.

This morning, I woke up extremely hurt, somewhat angry and rather confused by everything and nothing all at the same time. (insert joke about females here). Without much thought, I started a mental list of what certain people needed to do to make my life better… and where they were falling short. I don’t need to tell you what was on the list, but it was confusing, ridiculous and completely unfounded. Anything that had any substance to it was so petty it could have been comical.

They need you to pray. It’s not about you. Pray for them. Now.

I heard the Voice prompt me quite firmly as I sat alone in the house this morning. I’m ashamed to say, that Voice shocked me. Complaining, worrying and stewing about people in my life was hurtful, but it took the spot light off of anything I was responsible for. 

I struggled to get my mind on the right track. I struggled to see why praying for the people I was fretting over was a good solution. I struggled to see that I wasn’t really being mistreated, unloved and manipulated.

… I struggled to see that it was Warfare.

Welcome to the part of the world where distractions from God are found more heavily in television, sex and drugs. Satan can slip in without any notice simply because your surroundings don’t give him any authority in the spiritual upheaval you call “normal.”

Being “Ready” and “Standing Firm” look different here. Oh, may I never be so distracted God can no longer get my attention and ask me to fight for what matters. 


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