Dear Church: Step Up

She and I talked about marriage. We were so animated, I’m fairly certain the older man sitting across from us thought we were going crazy. There was a part of me that wanted to tell him there was no wedding being planned… Just so he’d stop looking so entertained at his cup of coffee. 

We were just talking about Jesus. Seriously. That’s it. Jesus. I get excited when I see a marriage that makes it more about my Jesus than about their rights.

Here’s the thing that breaks my heart: America has taken Christ’s place in marriage– let alone the wedding– & put it as “optional.” We’re so gosh-darn-high-falutin’ passionate about our “rights” (WHAT RIGHTS?) and “equal opportunity” that we’ve done our very best to make sure that Jesus is sectioned off under the twenty-second prayer of blessing… If it’s there at all. 

I am no genius. (My forced poor grammar should tell you that.) But with all the fights, arguments and petitions over Gay marriage now being legal… I honestly can’t handle some of the things that are coming out of some fellow-Christians’ mouths. Even, to my shame, from my own mouth at times.

I believe marriage was made between one man and one woman. But even more deeply, I believe marriage is a sacrament which represents a holy picture of Christ and His love for the Church– otherwise known as the Body of Christ. My hands are shaking as I type those sentences. It’s truth that I will always cling to, but I hesitate to share because… Truth hurts, stings and makes me uncomfortable. 

Church, we have stayed silent too long. We rarely — truly — strove to love those different than us, and then we acted appalled when we found out they had a voice. We rarely allowed them to speak to us, so they spoke to those that would listen… Often times, those that do not have the insight and wisdom of the Spirit of God within them. What did we expect? 

Jesus became optional (majority… not entirety, Praise the Lord and Hallelujah) in our marriages. Because Jesus became optional in our marriages, love became skewed, but we stayed self-righteous as every human — Christian or not — is known to do. So we stopped talking, praying and loving the ones that needed it most. 

There’s a way to stick to the Truth of the Word of God but continue to love in the midst of chaos, confusion and change. It has nothing to do with America. It has nothing to do with our Rights. It has nothing to do with traditional values. 

It has everything to do with the fact that we’ve convinced ourselves it’s okay to dance around hard subjects and let opinion trump love and truth. Marriage as a legal stipulation may be “different” but the loving way we handle the people that believe they have something to prove outside of the will of God doesn’t have to be nonexistant

Gosh darn it, Believers. Please… start standing up more. Challenge me to stand up more. It’s becoming less and less a comfortable option to stay seated.


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