Killing the Holy

“Hot (darn), you sexy beast!”

“Ohhhh, be still my heart, those eyes!”

It’s comical really, this stupid thing called Social Media. I’ll be the first to admit, I spend way too much time on Facebook. I was dumb (once upon a time…?) and “liked” things before I knew what that would mean. So, on occasion, I get subjected to actors’ mugshots and personal lives I really don’t need to acknowlege. (Like the ones above.)

Older women verbally throw themselves at younger men because (newsflash) the photoshop worked. Men very quickly type durogatory things about women no one should ever have to hear… simply because, well hey, the picture’s on Facebook.

It’s harmless, right?

As life keeps marching forward, I’m being faced with one very drastic, terrifying truth. As we sit behind our well-veiled computer screens, somehow personal dignity and boundaries go down the drain. My culture is completely satisfied with making everything that was once sacred public. We’ve gotten used to the humdrum of fantasizing behind a computer screen and we’ve forgotten how to live in the moment for the glory of God. 

It’s just one look, right? It’s just one dreamy idea that my husband will look like Tom Seleck in Heaven, right? (Yuck. No.) … It’s just one objectified exclamation that I could drown in a stranger’s eyes, right? I’ll be godly and satisfied in my husband or wife/significant other as soon as s/he shows up. Really, it’s fine. No one will notice, anyway.

The Bible talks about how we are given the moment–nothing more. Which can go both ways; I understand that. As a believer in Jesus Christ, though, shouldn’t that mean living in such a way to impact the people who are right in front of me right this moment? Who gets ignored while we spend time purusing pictures of people we don’t even know and/or don’t really care about?

Who doesn’t hear about Christ because we’re too busy keeping up with the Joneses and comparing our dirty laundry to someone else’s drama?

The hardest question of all: Who gets their fear confirmed.. Their fear that their worth really is in a bra-size or the definition of their six-pack rather than in the reality that they are a beautiful creation designed to pursue the God of the Universe?


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