Assumptions; You Know…

I get myself in trouble often. I assign subliminal messages to just about everything without even thinking about it. I’ve talked often about throwing out fleece and making my own safety nets, but this makes that look like child’s play. 

If I can convince myself that someone else‘s innocent actions have an alterior motive, that poor unsuspecting person faces the firing squad of my hurt assumption and anger. Why wouldn’t they? They did what I told myself they’d do if they really felt a certain way so… They get to pay for something they probably didn’t even realize they had done in the first place. 

I know.  It doesn’t make sense. It’s not fair. But don’t we do the same thing to the Lord without even realizing it? 

We assume If He loves us He’ll provide _________ (you fill in the blank) to make us comfortable. When we’re not comfortable, happy, or able to comprehend the outcome, we immediately start struggling with His love. As I fill in that blank with my own stipulations, I can hear him whispering: 

“That’s not MY motive.  That’s not what I do to show you love. You’re looking for the wrong thing & listening for everything but the Truth. When you do that, I’ll always be unloving in your eyes. Can I tell you My heart, rather than you assuming you understand it perfectly enough already?” 



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