I’m Not What I Seem

There’s something scary about social media. There’s something down right terrifying about being a Christian on social media. Those two things combined mean you’re signing yourself up to always being watched and weighed. 

It may seem like it’s all I talk about. The “Christ stuff” takes over a lot of my too-many-a-day posts. I’m here to tell you, though, I know how to have a conversation without quoting scripture. If you’re not a Christian, I may seem shallow because that’s all I talk about. The Christ stuff. 

But if you know me in real life, you simultaneous give a sigh of relief and mockingly scoff in disgust at how much my life isn’t as great as it may look on social media. 

I don’t always rush to prayer. I’m not always happy. I don’t always accept people as they are right off the bat. Sometimes, I cuss like a sailor and forget to feel bad about it. Often, loving someone I disagree with is a secondary choice… Not a primary one. I still complain. I still struggle with speaking when I don’t know all the facts. 

I’m messed up, but you don’t see that on your respective computer screens because… Who wants to talk about that?

I was once blown out of the water when an older Christian man told me he was, “…still being saved” when I asked him when he first asked God to save him from his sins. The guy’s point was this: 

On this side of Heaven, your sanctification (being made clean/holy) is never complete. It’s a process. Sometimes, that process hurts. It’s often ugly. It’s hard to see. 

What you see on social media isn’t all of me. I will never claim to be perfect. I will never claim to always have my life together. I claim Christ… But even that is a work in progress and the waters of my life and my faith often look muddied.

But what I will do is strive to make the 5% of my life that you do see on social media be worth your eternal time. It may just be worth your “eternal time” because it makes you laugh and lifts your spirits enough to get you through the day. Or, it could actually be a “Look-At-Jesus Post” where the lessons of my faith have to pour over onto the white backdrop of my screen.

But like I said, I strive for that. Forgive me when I fail. Forgive me when all you see is a selfish, affirmation-needy, prideful bigot. 

I’m a Christian. Sanctification is a process. Sanctification may not be what it seems. 


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