It’s been a weird life. Through seasons of medical trauma, physical danger, spiritual deadness, I still found myself sarcastically chuckling and muttering, “This is crazy!” But, regardless of that, my Jesus, my Lord and God, was still with me, even when I honestly didn’t want him to be. 

Then, through seasons of adventure, love, relationship, marriage, ministry, spiritual revival, risk, and overall joy, I gloriously found myself muttering the same thing. My life has been one crazy situation after another. 

At 12 years old, with my education on hold due to medical issues, my dad handed me a laptop and told me to write. He didn’t care what I wrote; he just wanted to keep my mind active. So, I wrote. With no training in English, no understanding of the world other than my limited experience with its “craziness,” I started writing. 

Over two decades later, I’m still writing and I’ve somehow turned it into a career. But the reality is, this site isn’t about me. It’s about the God who made my story matter. It’s about the Creator which turned my craziness into something beautiful.

I love to write. My prayer is you, as the reader, find Jesus within these writings.  

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ma’am! I love your write ups. I have a request. I want to invite you to write for us. So please give us the email to contact so that we can communicate about the matter.

    Regards, Chiradeep

    • Chiradeep, first off, please know that your words encourage me more than you’ll know. As a writer, it’s always a curiosity whether what is written is an encouragement to my audience and not just therapeutic for me. So, for that, thank you!
      However, though this is my personal blog, I already work for a ministry in the communication department and feel as if I represent them just as much as I represent myself when I write here. To protect their reputation as well as mine, I don’t feel it is wise to write for someone I have not met face to face and can say we truly are on the same page.
      That said, if you continue to find articles written here that you enjoy, please feel free to link your readers to my blog at anytime. Thanks again, and may you find Yahweh in the little things all around you today.

  2. I have been physically disabled since the age of eighteen months. I’ve had six major surgeries. It seems that I am always recovering from one thing or another, It doesn’t define me, it is a challenge. It has made me what I am today. ~ Dennis

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