Defunding It Ain’t Enough

When I hit 18, I lived my life in such a way where I got incredibly used to love leaving. I can cynically chuckle at the memories only because I remember thinking I was “all growed up” when in fact… I could have safely stayed under the leadership of my parents a bit longer. I could have sat at the feet of wisdom a little longer, rather than assuming 17 years of Sunday School was enough. But instead, I ran off (5 miles away from the front door, but that’s beside the point) and decided I knew everything there was to know.

It’s because of that approach to life that I look at the women sitting in the abortion clinics and I weep for them before I weep for their babies. Though I understand an abortion is legitimately murder and its tactics turn my stomach… I wonder.

How many of them were told they had to choose between either their baby or their family?

How many of them were told they were being merciful to the child because their baby’s father was a good-fer-nothin’ low-life?

How many of them were fed horror stories of foster care when they brought up the idea of adoption so they decided a horrific death was better than a painstaking life?

And then, I ask the questions I don’t know how to answer:

How many of them were pegged as a person who “knew better” but was never poured into? Ya know who I’m talking about… the girl who tried drugs, so we kept our distance. The girl who, to the world’s eyes, had amazing parents so obviously it’s her fault for being stupid. What if there was more pain in the family unit than ever met the eye? 

What isn’t she telling us because she knows we would rarely listen to the point of taking action?

Abortion is horrible. But defunding Planned Parenthood isn’t enough. It never was and it never will be. The women who are carrying these children need us to step up and go the extra mile. 

Defunding an organization that feeds off of naivety and convenience is an amazing idea. But what is the church — not the organizations the Church funds but the Church itself — going to do with the naive and broken that Planned Parenthood leaves behind?

America, defund Planned Parenthood. Please. But then start funding love that takes action. Otherwise, nothing will change.