Silence is Okay Today

There are so many things we say today. “Gone, but never forgotten.” “Thank you to those who gave all.” “We remember…” 

I’m guilty of it, too. Memorial Day, whether you possess approval of our current government or not, is a day that urges us to say something for our freedom. Wordsmith or not, one-liners abound. 

But then, you look into the eyes of a lone soldier who carries decades of survivor’s guilt. You say hello to a mother who never got to see her son be a father. You shake hands with a father who hugs a flag instead of a daughter. 

It’s then the words stop… No words are needed, but often we forget that. 

For many, Memorial Day is no different than yesterday. They always wake up remembering. They always go to bed contemplating their ability for one more day of freedom because of their loved one’s obedience. 

When you meet those people, accept the need for silence & let your presence & hug be enough. Sometimes, overwhelming gratitude leads to silence which will only be cheapened by words. 

Silence is okay, today.