After the Fire

Originally written for and posted by Women of Grace USA’s blog Released! Though it was published over a year ago, the truth God used in my life to craft this article hit me again this week. My God is the God of redemption and He’s in the business of making beauty out of ashes and therefore making the ashes beautiful. It’s been a season of feeling as if all I have to offer God are ashes of a obviously purposeful flame, yet somehow, He still uses even that.

While living in the woods, four times a year we would cut down dead trees and start a large bonfire. Often, the fire would burn for days. Although it was the most efficient way to take care of our property, there was always a trail of ash in our backyard. 

Our lives as Believers in Christ should be the same way. Matthew 5:14 calls Jesus’ followers “the light of the world.” In Bible times, to be a light did not mean a flip of a switch; it meant a large fire. That fire made and left behind an incredible amount of ash.

No one likes to think about the dirty side of that word picture Jesus provided. Ash isn’t beautiful. Ash isn’t easy to clean up. But the fact is, ash is the remnant of a fire. Ash is the reminder that the fire was lit.

It’s easier to think of the Christian walk when we’re going through a spiritual high. We like it when no one is observing our ash because the flames for God are too distracting to look for ash. But what about the days where God looks for the ash of a dying fire within our hearts in order to rebuild His flame in us again?

God also says that He will make us like new. Sometimes, that means using the ash of a fire we thought was nothing but a memory of the good times; the memorable spiritual highs, so to speak. The ash in our lives is proof that a fire once burned brightly. 

It’s also proof that the Fire can burn again.